I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. - Theodor Geisel

What is a Creative Printer?

A creative printer deals primarily in ideas – putting these ideas into words, or perhaps a design, that will catch the reader’s eye and fire their imagination.

With this in mind, Progressive Services feels that printing is a science and an art combined. To achieve the ultimate in reproduction of type, photography and illustrations, one must combine the skills of craftsmen with the accuracy of digital equipment.

We are proud to say that Progressive Services has always supplied clients with the highest quality printing and will constantly work to develop new ideas and uses of technology. Please join us on a tour of our web site. Once through, we think you’ll see why we are so proud of our company and the services we provide.

How can direct mail save time and money?

At Progressive Services, we understand that putting together a direct mail campaign can be both time consuming and stressful. That’s why we provide direct mail services from concept to completion. Whether you are planning a new product promotion, special announcement or upcoming event, Progressive Services does it all. We can take your project from graphic design through delivery to the Post Office.

Stop sending your marketing pieces to bad addresses and stop paying high postage costs by letting us do the work for you. Progressive Services uses state-of-the-art computer programs to barcode and sort your mailing list which immediately qualifies your mailing for the lowest postage rates. But even more important, your mailing is handled quickly, accurately and inexpensively without you ever having to leave your office. We partner with a CASS certified mailer authorized by the U.S. Postal Service. We provide the computer technology to ensure your mail is going to a valid address at the lowest possible rates. The time you save is priceless.

Can I just get a quote on a project?

Yes. Whether you require catalogs, brochures, pocket folders, posters, fliers, magazines, bumper stickers, stationary, labels, post cards or direct mail marketing, you will always receive the best quality, best pricing and best service in the form of the time and care we will spend with you on your next quote. Pricing is what begins the process, while service and product quality is what develops the relationship.

You will benefit by our initial review of your printing requirements which will ensure that you receive the best production methodology, best use of materials and best use of time for your work. You will bring your printing cost down and improve your projects’ quality when utilizing our expertise. Contact us now for your next printing quote. Our average turnaround time for custom quote is 24 hours (a bit longer for the more intricate jobs and almost immediately on the easy ones).

What information makes a project go smoothly?

Budget – How much money can be utilized on printing this project?

Job Description/Design – Has the project already been designed or is it in the conceptual phase? What kind of piece is it? Who will use it and how?

Size – What are the dimensions of your project? How many pages will it have?

Color – How many colors are in the design? Is there color on both sides of the printed piece?

Quantity – How many do you think you’ll need? Is the content of your project static or will it need to be updated soon? In many cases, this can determine how many copies should be printed.

Paper Stock – What kind of paper will you use? Cover stock or text? Glossy or dull? We can help you with specifics regarding particular paper brands and availabilities.

Binding – How would you like your job finished and bound?

Special Features – Will a coating be applied? How should the die cuts be placed to hold business cards? How would you like the piece folded or trimmed?

Timeframe – When do you need the finished project to be delivered? With computer-to-plate technology, we deliver fast turnarounds and there won’t be any surprises.

Shipping – Are we delivering the project to you or another location?

Why Progressive Services?

We are personally accountable for every aspect of your job, no excuses. We’ll give you our best every step of the way, guaranteed. Our staff makes us the best, it’s WE not ME. We are problem solvers that prefer straight answers. We get to know each customer. Our existing customers have confidence in us and frequently refer us to friends and co-workers… and there’s not a better compliment we could write.